Barbara Beyda Fine Art Photography

Barbara Beyda's work comes from the heart.  The emotion shines through each image. From her black and white portraits of children to the abstraction of colorful carousel horses ..her love of light and color is embedded in every work. How does it feel to be rushing water or a carousel horse, what are the emotions in a flower, what are the inner most thoughts of a tree?  Her images cut straight to the heart of the matter.  Photography, for Barbara, is a medium of insight and wisdom. Her work elevates the mundane of human existence to the essential meaning of it -- to truth.

For Barbara, photography began as a means of exploration-- finding inspiration from the seen to uncover the  unseen.  From a meadow dotted with flowers and cascading  sheets of water to the musical colors of the carousel, her works sparks a frisson of unexpected discovery,  a bright new vision emerging from the everyday.

Barbara's use of the camera has a painterly stroke, with each image bringing us closer to the essence of the subject.  From childhood, she gravitated to flowers and the dreamy world of the garden and then to untrammeled settings in nature.  Photography is her tool to capture a wisp of beauty, to grab a tuft of fog, to keep dancing in that field of flowers long after dark and in the cold days of winter. She makes those magical, fleeting moments eternal.

The delight of her surroundings -- how light toys with the eye -- with the camera, is made permanent.  At first sight of the image rising to the surface of the paper in the darkroom, Barbara experienced that watershed moment ...  She knew then that making images would be her lifelong journey.

"Art is the act of faith, trusting the senses and the imagination, turning the conscious mind fluid, drawing from the knowledge of the body, relying on impulse and the right action.  Laying out the evidence, looking for the hair on the back of my neck to rise."

Timothy Hawksworth